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In today’s highly competitive global market, it is a basic requirement to provide customers with the “Best Services” and” Highest Quality products” yet with “The most competitive price”. We have also realized that customers demand products and services which are built around their unique needs.

Having recognized these principles, we endeavor to be more than just a seasonal buyer and seller of commodities. We source materials regularly, establish long term relationship with the manufacturers and customers, actively promote the best products and remain committed to our principles and values.

We provide our customers with total business solutions for their raw material requirements in today’s world where opportunities are enormous, rules are complex and dynamic, by giving them constructive professional advices and information and finding them alternative products when needed. 


We intend to diversify further, by providing services like :

1) Contract Warehousing

2) Public Warehousing

3) Documentation

4) Customs Clearance & delivery of Cargo

5) Consolidation / Groupage of Cargo

6) Cross Stuffing

We have a firm belief that by providing efficient, consistently reliable & quality service, cost effective clearance, distributions & warehousing /logistics solution to our clients & continuously striving to meet their requirement we will grow consistently.




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